freda_writes (freda_writes) wrote,

Welcome to Warrington's Weird World of Writing

Hi and welcome to my thoughts... I’m the author of twenty or so fantasy novels, including A Taste of Blood Wine, Elfland, A Blackbird in Silver, The Amber Citadel, Dracula the Undead, The Court of the Midnight King among others.

I love to chat about writing, books, and life stuff in general.

I’ve written sword n’ sorcery, contemporary fantasy, vampire novels, alternative history… all sorts really. I like attending SF conventions – mainly in the UK – which is how I met my hubby Mike! This year we’ll be at Eastercon, ‘Eight Squared’ in Bradford – I’m the Fantasy Guest of Honour – and at World Fantasy Con in Brighton. My current publishers are Tor (US), Titan and Immanion Press (both UK).

I just love losing myself in my imagination, and creating characters, and writing about them… And talking about it! You can also find me on Facebook and Please come and gossip with me… I don’t bite!
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