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A Minor Miracle

Hello friends… 2012 was a funny year of ups and downs, in which I was reminded that the only thing that swallows time faster than writing is the internet. You only have to glance at Facebook and four hours of your life vanishes! Well, not quite that bad, but… as a result, my blog has been neglected. I felt I spent the year floundering around not achieving very much. I did enjoy gawping at the Jubilee, and the Olympics, and the Paralympics, but I don’t think that really counts as achievement

Looking back, though, I realize I did quite a lot… Proof-read MIDSUMMER NIGHT for the paperback. Edited GRAIL OF THE  SUMMER STARS (Tor – due out in April). Made some jewellery, and some artwork inspired by my own novels, for Eastercon. Completely re-edited A TASTE OF BLOOD WINE and A DANCE IN BLOOD VELVET. Wrote a detailed outline for a fourth ‘Aetherial Tale’, which is on ice for the moment. Started some YA ideas, which haven’t gone very far yet, because… Well, parts of 2012 were not easy, and I crashed into a deep dark lake of despair for a few weeks. But then, a minor miracle happened!

In the 90s I wrote a vampire series for Pan Macmillan: A Taste of Blood Wine, A Dance in Blood Velvet, and the Dark Blood of Poppies. They remain my most popular novels, and I still get emails about them even after they’ve been out of print for years. I was so fed up with them being out of print, I had decided to reissue them myself. Then suddenly – along came the publisher Titan! They’ve contracted to republish the three books, AND to write a brand new one! I feel like a proper Writer again!

So that’s where I am. Editing the existing book three, The Dark Blood of Poppies, and working on the new one, The Dark Arts of Blood. What is it like, revisiting an old but much-loved fictional world? That sounds like a subject for next time.

A Taste of Blood Wine comes out in April.

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